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programs & services

Pediatric Therapy Programs – The power to do more

Every child is a unique being. As such there is no one word, term or description that adequately defines your child. Likewise, there is no single therapy that can be applied to all children – even those who share a common diagnosis. The same holds true for pediatric therapy. At Amy Zier & Associates, what sets us apart is our individualized pediatric therapy programs and our approach to your child’s treatment.
Every child, and parent-child relationship are unique therefore require specific support and is nuanced with the just right match for your child and for you as a parent. Our programs include traditional pediatric therapies such as individual occupational therapy and group occupational therapy. In addition, we provide specialized groups, activities and intensives designed to focus on key areas of development. Each is not only focused on the individual child, but also on the family as a whole and the other people and activities that impact the child’s life on a daily basis.
As a result, we’re able to provide the experiences and therapies to promote progress here at the clinic. But more importantly, we’re able to introduce ways of integrating these skills, therapies and actions into the routines of daily living – at home, at school, at play and in the community.

Individual Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Just as the name implies, individual pediatric occupational therapy involves an experienced occupational therapist working one-on-one with a child. Depending on the emotional developmental age of the child, parents often take an active role in the session. During these sessions the occupational therapist provides specific environmental, activity and interactive supports to promote developmental integration in the areas of emotional, social, sensory, motor and cognitive development. The therapist works collaboratively with the parents, teachers, babysitters and all people that take an active role in the child's life.
We are open Monday through Saturday to schedule
Please contact our intake coordinator, Jenny Patino by phone or email: (773) 755-7791 or 

Group Pediatric Occupational Therapy
During group pediatric occupational therapy, a small group of children work with two or more occupational therapists. In addition to supporting the goals of individual therapy, the group process goes beyond supporting the child’s individual sensory, motor and emotional profile to address moment-to-moment social interactions between children that occur in the child’s daily life. By doing so, we are able to promote self-regulation, shared engagement, reciprocity and emotional thinking – which are integral for the child’s success in the family, school and larger community.
For placement into groups, please contact Jenny at jenny@amyzier.com
For a list of current groups, scroll down on this web page or contact our office at 773-755-7791

Innovative Intensives
Offered in a group setting, these innovative intensives pair children with therapists to focus on particular challenges in a comfortable and fun environment. Kids are not only able to focus on strengthening skills, but  their relationships and ability to engage in a social setting. Intensives are "intense" as they meet several times a week, giving your child an opportunity to build skills more quickly.
For a list of intensives, scroll down or call our office at 773-755-7791

Summer Programming 2017

We've got a lot of great programs this summer! Check out our listings below!

For full details: Summer Programs 2017.pdf

Ongoing Groups

Our groups are ongoing enrollment, with individual screening required prior to group placement.


Calm and Cooperative  (ages 5-6):

This group provides support for children who may be reactive or disorganized with play in a group context. This group supports each child's individual profile, promoting engagement, interaction, sharing ideas, and problem solving with peers in a safe, fun environment.

Wednesdays: 3:30-4:30

Contact: Katie@amyzier.com and Karen@amyzier.com


Kids in Action:

This group provides the opportunity to explore and enjoy age-appropriate motor games & activities with peers. Children work on initiating and sustaining ideas with peers, conflict resolution and problem solving in a fun, safe and supportive environment. The group is tailored for each child's individual profile, supporting their motor planning, regulation & sensory processing. In addition, a fine motor element is included to build the foundational skills needed for success in handwriting.

Wednesdays (ages 8-10): 5-6:00pm

Contact: Rachel@amyzier.com and Karen@amyzier.com 


Fridays (ages 8-10) 4:30pm-5:30pm

Contact:  Karen@amyzier.com, Katie@amyzier.com

Actively Engaged:

This group is for active young boys who need extra support in navigating social interactions, due to their unique sensory profile. The purpose of the group is to encourage regulation, engagement, sharing of ideas, and problem solving. The group is held in a simple environment free of distractions to encourage social interaction and regulation. In addition, sensory strategies and individual therapist support is provided when needed. This group incorporates a snack time for social engagement and reviewing the session. 

Thursdays 2:30-3:30 (Ages 4-6)

Contact: Emma@amyzier.com and Karen@amyzier.com

Preschool Social:

This group is for preschool-aged children who can benefit from support to promote positive social interaction. Therapists provide social-emotional support moment-to-moment with modeling to help group members gain insight about peers and how their actions affect others so they can best experience joy and meaning through everyday play experiences.

Preschool Ages

Contact: Katie@amyzier.com

Innovative Intensives

Intensives are scheduled on an "as-requested" basis.  If you're interested in a particular intensive, but there are no dates/times listed, contact Katie at katie@amyzier.com or the office at 773-755-7791.

Bike Riding Intensive
Based on availability
The ability to ride a bicycle is an important milestone for children – enhancing self-confidence, participation in family activities and social relationships with other children. Because of the multi-layer neurological integration that occurs when riding a bicycle, children often excel in other developmental areas once they’ve mastered this skill. Through our four- to seven-day bike riding intensive, we focus on the integration and smooth functioning of several key developmental processing areas – visual-spatial processing, motor planning, motor activation and control. 

Finding New Foods Intensive - SOS Feeding
Contact us to request specific times 
Do you have a picky eater at home? Is your child hesitant about the thought of new foods? This intensive will focus on interacting with new foods in a fun and safe therapeutic setting. Playing with food is required!

Fine Motor Intensives

Bolster your child’s skill level for fine motor tasks with intensives that focus on improving tactile and proprioceptive awareness, motor planning, dexterity and strength. Intensives are tailored developmentally for your child. In addition, core strengthening and movement breaks are included to ensure optimal regulation and attention.  The focus of this particular intensive will be on the building blocks of writing. 

Therapeutic Listening Intensive
Therapeutic Listening® is a sound-based intervention that utilizes modulated CDs to impact children with a variety of challenges, which may include: sensory processing and modulation difficulties, learning challenges and speech and language delays. For more information visit www.vitallinks.net.  Our Therapeutic Listening Program is ongoing.

Teaching Yoga to children helps support self-control, body awareness, flexibility and strength. These are the foundations needed for emotional grounding, attention and positive sense of self which then positively impact the child’s daily routines, relationships and availability for learning.

Amy completed her level 2 certification with Sonia Sumar in April 2005 (Yoga for the Special Child®)



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