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how it works

Getting started –Making it easy to get the attention your child needs
At Amy Zier & Associates, we don’t think that it’s too much to ask that a pediatric center be designed specifically for the children it serves. That the greatest obstacle to getting the services you need shouldn’t be some person seated at the front desk. And that the hopes and aspirations you have for your children are shared by the professionals who are responsible for their progress.
It begins right now.

What to expect
The first visit with your pediatric therapy specialist at Amy Zier & Associates will provide the opportunity for all of you to meet and get familiar with our facility, our philosophy and each other. Your therapist will also spend time evaluating your child using a comprehensive questionnaire. You may also be asked to have other caregivers or teachers complete this questionnaire to provide us with critical information we’ll need to develop our assessment and plan of therapy.
Reaching out to others
Your child’s life doesn’t revolve around our clinics – and neither does our approach to therapy. You’ll find your Amy Zier & Associates therapist out in the community, in the schools and anywhere that is an integral part of your child’s routines. This enables us to incorporate an eclectic, collaborative approach that enables us to treat the whole child and family by including everyone in the home program activities we develop. Some of these might include:
• Professionals: developmental optometrist, speech therapist, psychologist, neurologist, teachers and psychiatrist
• Others: babysitters, grandparents, friends and siblings

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