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school & educational support

Supporting success in the classroom

A child’s experience at school has a profound impact on  many levels – academic, social and self-perception. At Amy Zier & Associates, we understand that supporting success in the classroom requires a two-pronged approach that focuses specialized resources on both the student and the educator, for the best possible outcomes.

That’s why our practice extends beyond our clinics and into the schools to provide services, which range from one-to-one consultations with children to teacher training, and efforts that bring together educators, students, parents and other providers.

It begins with you
To discuss a specific situation at your school or to learn more about resources we provide to other school, please contact our Educational Coordinator, Amy Zier at amy@amyzier.com.

Pediatric Handwriting Group
A critical skill for participation in school and for communication throughout a lifetime, the pediatric handwriting group provides specialized therapy to support the motor, perceptual and sequential building blocks necessary for writing. It begins with the development of a unique treatment plan for each child, based on specific areas of weakness that may be impacting the ability to write with ease. In addition, consultation with the child’s teacher is also provided if necessary to ensure these specific techniques are supported in the classroom to maximize your child’s capacities. For handwriting groups currently being offered, please check our programs & services page.

The Write Group Program

To improve handwriting performance and self-confidence in the classroom, The Write Group handwriting program is designed to support children at risk for handwriting challenges. Through handwriting practice, bodywork, activities for hand dexterity, strengthening ocular motor skills and visual spatial activities, an Amy Zier & Associates occupational therapist will help the child overcome barriers that hinder development of age-appropriate handwriting skills. A collaborative process between therapist, teacher and students, and parents, the program will offer recommendations for strategies, adaptations and equipment for subsequent implementation in the classroom.


Who: Teachers are asked to identify 3 kindergarten students with handwriting difficulties that may include:

• Difficulty forming letters

• Illegible writing

• Improper sizing of letters

• Improper spacing between letters, words and the overall page

• Letter reversals

• Immature pencil grip

• Slow writing speed

• Poor endurance when writing


Participating students are screened to ensure program eligibility.


When: The group will meet twice each week for 45 minutes, during the school day. The 8-week program will also include pre- and post-assessments to determine program effectiveness.


Cost: This program is being offered to schools in two different ways:


The School Sponsored Plan is focused on training and development of the teachers as well as specific work with the students.  Teachers will receive specific training relating to screening students and implementing The Write Group program strategies to help their individual students.


The Parent Sponsored Plan is focused on the individual needs of the children in the group.  Teachers and parents will be educated about strategies and home programs to use with the student, however, less time will be spent with specific teacher training. 


To include your child or students from your class in The Write Group program, please contact Kathy at 773-755-7791.  

SIGN UP for educational program: The Write Group.

Handwriting Without Tears
Focus on writing readiness, printing and cursive, with multisensory lessons that address all learning styles - visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. Unique materials and appealing workbooks eliminate problems with letter formation, reversals, legibility, sentence spacing and cursive connections.  This approach is incorporated into our ‘Handwriting Intensives' as well as into weekly individual treatment sessions and home programs.

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