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Amy Zier, M.S., OTR/L
Founder, Amy Zier and Associates
November 2009
December 2011
May 2010
Coping with your child’s Anxiety
December 7 5:28 PM
Amy Zier
Anxiety may manifest is a variety of ways. These include but are not limited to:
-Difficulty separating from caregiver
-Sleep challenges
-Aches and pains (stomach, headache, nausea)
-Being shut down
-Avoidance of something that is not noxious
-Irritability and anger

Help! My child does not eat!
May 11 3:34 PM
Amy Zier
Mealtime is a battle, my child is such a picky eater, white butter noodles, white butter noodles, pretzels and lots of candy. If this sounds like your child here are some ideas to expand your child’s enjoyment of mealtime and also their repertoire.

After School Time
November 20 4:07 PM
Amy Zier
How do I help my child when they are irritable after school? I have 2 other  children and it is so hard to only help one child when all 3 need me.

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